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Tiles – 3 Act Task

This is a 3-Act that stemmed from one of the Estimation Visuals I created around my room this year. This is very similar to Andrew Stadel’s File Cabinet 3 Act. This has a bit of a lower floor than that activity because that deals with surface area while this deals with the area of a rectangle.

Video (Vimeo Below)

Video (Vimeo Below)

Counting Tiles - 3 Act.002 Counting Tiles - 3 Act.003 Counting Tiles - 3 Act.004 Counting Tiles - 3 Act.005 Counting Tiles - 3 Act.006 Counting Tiles - 3 Act.007 Counting Tiles - 3 Act.008 Counting Tiles - 3 Act.009 Counting Tiles - 3 Act.010



Here is the video from slide 1.



Counting Tiles – 3 Act.key Keynote File Download

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