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Tallest Buildings in the World Lesson

I’ve become somewhat obsessed…ok, not somewhat, extremely obsessed with estimation lately. As I’ve done more with my 1st-4th graders, I’ve realized that many students have no idea how to estimate. Activities like Andrew Stadel does with Estimation180 are really important because if you can’t estimate you can’t do math. Your ability to be faced with a problem you’re unsure of and come up with a reasonable estimate goes a long way towards math fluency and understanding. If you recognize that your answer is unreasonable, you can go back and see where you went wrong.

The students will receive this:

Tallest Buildings In The World - Student Sheet.001

This lesson is pretty self-explanatory I think… The students will be given the sheet with 2 spots for estimates. One is strictly based on the second slide of the lesson. They will be basing their height estimates only on the information provided (cost & time to complete). As they go through the slides, they will make other estimates based on the information provided in the pictures. I’ll put the Keynote and PowerPoint files to download below. As always, if you happen to use the lesson please shoot me an e-mail at and let me know how it went or comment below with suggestions.

Tallest Buildings in the World.key

Tallest Buildings in the World

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