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Day 2 of State Testing…

The kids were TOTALLY shot after day 2 of the state test today…I’m sure this will be the case tomorrow, but thankfully my afternoon groups only include non-testing grades so hopefully those kiddos will be somewhat sane and ready to work. 

Since we had the test today, I decided not to push it in the afternoon with my 4th graders and decided to do a little “would you rather” type activities. I absolutely love Would You Rather, but sometimes the examples provided aren’t developmentally appropriate for 3rd/4th graders. I’ve decided that I will start compiling activities/problems that could be in a similar vein but more appropriate. This is what I did with the kiddos today…




One of the students in my 8th period group can be very oppositional/defiant and I know that he was trying to do so as we went over the answers together. He blurted out “I want to paint Choice C.” I told them at the beginning that there was no right/wrong answer, they just had to justify it. I was lucky enough that he thought of the reason why you’d want to paint the larger one. The only reason you’d want to paint the largest wall is because you are paid by the hour. It was really interesting watching him come to that conclusion. And to take pride and ownership in the way that he did. 


This was the second question they were asked…Only one person picked $10,000 out of the group.


After a LOT of addition, we came to the conclusion that it is much, much better to take the second choice over the first choice. 

I’m thoroughly exhausted and ready to relax with a nice movie. I hope everyone is fighting through the tests and ready to sprint to the finish line of this year, I know I am! 

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