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App Review: Class Dojo

Class Dojo

First things first, I use the iOS app which can be found here.

I’ve used Class Dojo for the first week of my new job. The first picture below is what you see during use with a class/group. It gives you real time feedback on who is on track and who is not. The second picture is an example of a class report. The class report feature compiles all the “bubbles” given for positive and negative behaviors and provides data. This has been a valuable tool for management. I think there is some untapped potential here though, which I will get into.


Ease of Use: 10/10

What could be easier than this app? My favorite part about it is that you can have it open next to you and see how well students are working in real time. It’s very easy to go through a whole day and miss one or two students’ behaviors that are taking away from the class as a whole. With this app open, it’s impossible to let any of those observations slip through the cracks. Students and parents can also create accounts to track behavior. This is one of those, install and go apps. The only prep you really need is to write the names into the correct class.

Visual Appeal: 10/10

This app is great visually. The students get a kick out of picking their own little characters. It takes away the “he’s tracking my behavior” part that could create anxiety and turns it into something fun.

Usefulness: 10/10

You can give positive and negative bubbles for anything you can think of. If it isn’t there, you can customize what bubbles work best for you. If used correctly, a teacher could use this for everything from tracking homework to a student raising his/her hand. The customization aspect of the bubbles really help this app shine in my eyes.

Price: Free “forever, for early-adopter teachers”

30/30 Perfect!

I really suggest using this app if you have an iPad and feel like your classroom management could use a boost.

EDIT: I just spoke to the people at Class Dojo who informed me that the app has also added a messaging service (much like Remind101) for those that feel so inclined to use it. If you aren’t familiar with Remind101, it allows teacher-parent communication to be conducted in a way that doesn’t share personal information like cell phone numbers.

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